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Virtual Privacy Officer

.. a virtual CISO is the most cost-effective way to ensure the successful implementation of a corporate-wide security program

Data security breaches have become more common in all organizations, and the loss or disclosure of personal information can threaten client confidence, destroy the business brand and reputation, reduce your share price, lead to legal and regulatory fines and even result in senior executives losing their jobs. DigitalDefence’s virtual Privacy Officer, the vPO, will become your executive-level lead for all privacy matters.  The vPO is accountable for privacy across your extended organization – from the Board to employees, as well as partners, vendors and clients.  

The vPO will develop an enterprise privacy program that is compliant with all relevant privacy laws and regulations, ensuring that it is aligned with your existing business strategy. The vPO provides guidance to ensure that privacy controls are adequate; most importantly, they provide the training and support to build a corporate privacy culture.

Reduced Costs.

A vPO costs approximately 30-40% the cost of a full-time permanent Privacy Officer. You hire the vPO when you need their support – hours per month, or full-time for a pre-determined period of time.


Virtual Privacy Officers can be in place within days, avoiding periods when key roles are unfilled


All consultants have on average ten years’ experience in privacy, security and compliance in multiple industries.  In addition to their technical knowledge, they possess business acumen and leadership skills


Our virtual Privacy Officers are lawyers; they are prepared to offer the legal guidance to fully protect your organization.  In addition, they hold industry-leading privacy and IT Security certifications


Our Privacy leaders are to engage in a independent and unbiased advice way to address all applicable privacy requirements

As part of the placement process, DigitalDefence works with each client to identify how the vPO can most effectively support an organization’s security program.  Typical duties for the vPO include:

    • Develop a comprehensive strategy and enterprise-wide privacy program for your organization, including documented policies and guidance

    • Perform a privacy check-up for your organization, establishing baseline behavior and identifying gaps between current and most-effective practices

    • Create and implement an enterprise- wide privacy program, ensuring adequate controls are in place and track progress towards compliance

    • Track existing, new and changing privacy compliance requirements as established by International, National and local laws as well as industry-specific regulations

    • Provide specific guidance on Canadian privacy laws, including PIPEDA and CASL (Canada’s anti-spam law)

    • Complete Privacy Impact Assessments, PIAs, to support specific projects

    • Conduct Privacy by Design (PbD) reviews

    • Conduct privacy audits of 3rd parties and vendors to ensure the privacy of your data across the supply chain

    • Provide legal guidance and review Terms, Conditions, and Agreements to ensure the contractual protection of data privacy

    • Assist in answering data protection and privacy questions as they arise

    • Provide training and awareness around privacy issues

    • Provide mentorship to in-house legal and privacy employees

      • In the event that there is a privacy breach, provides full crisis management to ensure a successful resolution for the enterprise and all others affected

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