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Secure Architecture

Your organization’s network infrastructure provides the functional support for secure business operations – how can you effectively use it to create a competitive advantage?

DigitalDefence will assess your network infrastructure using a standards-based approach (for example, the Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture, SABSA) to provide an objective assessment of the effectiveness of your network ‘s technology, people and processes, and how they impact your organization’s data security.  Our goal is to ensure that the most appropriate controls are implemented to secure your business.

The completed secure architecture reviews can be used to create a roadmap to prepare for future threats, create the optimal enterprise security architecture, and to support Merger & Acquisition activities.

Specific activities within this service include:

DigitalDefence will review your corporate policies and guidelines, network architecture, and security controls to ensure that it addresses both present and future security requirements.  The review will assess current state against known most-effective practices and will include a migration plan to overcome any gaps.  Elements covered in the architecture review include:

  • Design and implementation of data centres, wiring closets and other support structures
  • Physical architecture, security and environmental / security controls
  • Network (wired, wireless, VoIP) and host security
  • Identity management
  • Data security
  • Secure remote access and third party connectivity
  • System (server, workstation, mobile device) configuration review

DigitalDefence provides an enterprise-wide approach to the continuity and survivability of your business.  Through the analysis and identification of time-critical business processes, our professionals identify and map critical resources directly to business processes in order to clearly identify the most appropriate and cost-effective recovery alternatives. This information is used to plan, design, implement, and test the most appropriate business continuity solution for your business.  From system backups to enterprise “hot sites”, DigitalDefence will find the most cost-effective solution for your business.

When you move systems and data to the cloud, security responsibilities become shared between your organization and the cloud service provider.  DigitalDefence’s certified security experts can conduct the following:

  • Architecture and security controls review
  • Cloud application security assessment, including vulnerability scanning and penetration testing
  • Host-based security assessment
  • Incident response plan development and testing

One of the most significant threats to an organization’s security are the endpoints—the user-controlled devices that connect to the network (workstations, laptop computers, mobile phones and cameras, Blackberries, USB keys and portable hard drives) and specialized equipment like Point of Sale terminals.  Our consultants will work with you to develop the most secure build of your enterprise endpoints, and integrate them into your secure network.

DigitalDefence goes beyond network design; we can implement and validate all secure architecture recommendations. We will use proven cost-effective resources to implement network and security devices from most vendors, including:

  • Physical security controls
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems, SIEM, and logging systems
  • 2-factor authentication services
  • Secure remote access systems

DigitalDefence will manage all aspects of the implementation and validation, ensuring that they are supporting a secure network prior to hand-over back to our clients. We can also provide on-site mentoring in setup, configuration, and management of network and security devices.

Benefits of a Secure Architecture Solution from DigitalDefence

Protects your infrastructure by developing the ability to prevent, detect, and respond to network attacks; reduces or eliminates financial and reputational costs of a security breach

Aligns security goals with business objectives; security and management costs are optimized, resulting in as much as 50% in annual savings

Ability to effectively plan near-term and future security investments in network architecture

Security architecture services are vendor independent, and based on a control framework that incorporate industry best practices like NIST, ISO, CIS

Extends the improved security capabilities across the existing enterprise network

Complies with Government Federal and industry regulations; meet audit requirements