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Retained Incident Response

When an incident or cyber breach occurs, a rapid and effective incident response is critical to safeguarding your organization’s systems and data.  Any delay increases the losses from a security breach; unfortunately, these delays typically arise from a lack of resources.  Incident response personnel must not only be available when needed, but they must possess the skills and tools to immediately respond to a variety of different possible attacks.

DigitalDefence’s Retained Incident Response Service allows you to engage these skilled resources on a “as needed” basis.  Members of the DigitalDefence Cyber Emergency Response Team, ddCERT, can deploy in a rapid manner to supplement or manage the end-to-end incident response process.  Because the service is pre-planned, the financial costs can be planned in advance, and customers know that a rapid and effective response will be delivered under the contracted Service Level Agreement.

Our Offering

DigitalDefence’s Retained Incident Response Service includes the following features:

  • Single Point of Contact – DigitalDefence will assign your organization an Incident Response Manager. This specialist has both the technical knowledge and the management / business skills to support your organization with any incident response
  • Pre-Negotiated Agreements – All Terms of Engagement will be agreed to prior to an incident response; this will minimize costs and save valuable response time and allow all teams to focus on the incident itself
  • Pre-Paid Tiered Services – Depending on which service tier you select for your retained incident response service, you will have a pre-paid block of time available for incident response. Organizations can use this time to pay for incident response services, or redirect it to pay for any other DigitalDefence services at a discounted rate
  • Response Readiness Assessment – Preparation for the incident response begins before the actual incident. Once the agreements have been signed and the required service level is defined, DigitalDefence will conduct an Incident Response Readiness assessment of your monitoring and response abilities.  DigitalDefence will then develop a response plan that identifies any gaps and a plan to address these.  The plan will also define the roles and responsibilities of all management levels (executives, management, technical staff) of the on-site employees and the DigitalDefence response team
  • Immediate Response – When an incident is reported, our experts will respond within minutes, delivering a remote assessment to provide direction on how best to contain and mitigate the breach and protect your data. This support is available 24 x7 for the duration of the response, ensuring that you always have access to the best possible resource when delivering your response
  • On-Site Response – The remote assessment will be followed by an on-site response, if required. A DigitalDefence response team, composed of a management lead as well as appropriate technical resources, will arrive within a defined space of time.  The management specialist will communicate with key stakeholders to provide guidance during the response; they will also assist with communicating with media, law enforcement, and regulatory parties.  The incident manager will also manage the team of technical specialists
  • Appropriate Technical Specialists – DigitalDefence incident responders hold the most relevant industry qualifications. The incident manager may also engage additional support from our pool of pre-approved specialists if required, depending on the nature and severity of the incident.  Examples of such specialists include lawyers, privacy law specialists, private investigators, translators, fraud examiners, grief counsellors, and so on
  • Rapid Mediation – DigitalDefence technical specialists will provide the skilled support to eradicate the threat and recover any impacted systems. They will also perform a root cause assessment to ensure that the threat does not return due to incomplete eradication or lack of sufficient security controls.  All actions will be performed assuming that litigation is a consideration; evidence will be retained in accordance with forensic principles to support such litigation
  • Post-Incident Review and Follow-Up – Once the incident is deemed to have been closed, the incident manager will provide you with a post-incident report and assist in ensuring that the lessons learned are transmitted to the correct employees to prevent similar incidents in the future. Other after action activities may include updating the incident response policy or specific response playbooks, or providing specific training and practical exercises to the organization.
Tiered Incident Response Service

DigitalDefence offers a 3-tiered service that allows organizations to define the most cost-effective solution for each client.

  Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Pre-approved Terms and Conditions
Incident readiness assessment
First Responder training workshop
Remote support via telephone (SLA; maximum time) Best Effort 12 hours 6 hours
On-site support within Canada (SLA; maximum time) Best Effort 24 hours 12 hours
Pre-paid hours included; discounted rate 0 60 120
Additional hours; discounted rate

Additional hours purchased at the discounted rate can be applied to all DigitalDefence service offerings.

Benefits of a Retained Incident Response from DigitalDefence

Pre-planned incident response process minimizes the duration and impact of an incident; this significantly reduces impact to the business and the time required to respond and recover to normal operations

Rapid and effective response immediately reduces operational costs; over the course of the incident, it reduces liability, regulatory fines, and business costs of downtime

Pre-approved agreements enable long-term financial planning

Guaranteed immediate remote response and on-site response times for pre-paid tiers minimizes damage to organization’s data resources

Access to remote and on-site teams of individual with skills in ethical hacking, technical and management approaches to incident response, and data forensics (required to support possible litigation)

Access to DigitalDefence services at a reduced rate

Satisfies regulatory compliance and contractual requirements