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Pathfinder Assessment

Often, an organization knows that they need to improve the security and privacy of their data, but they’re not sure where to start. When this happens, you need an objective, rapid and cost-effective review of your security posture. It should highlight where you are, where you should be, and the best path to get from “here to there”.

You need a Pathfinder Audit.

With the Pathfinder Audit, DigitalDefence will perform an assessment of your organization’s current security and privacy practices against relevant accepted security and privacy standards.

We go beyond “healthchecks” and other checklist-based reviews—DigitalDefence will review your physical security and data and voice network infrastructures, and scan your network devices and servers for vulnerabilities.

Unlike other assessments (vulnerability assessments, penetration tests), a Pathfinder audit is meant to support a rapid identification of the current security state of your network, and ensure that cost-effective mediation can be started as quickly as possible

Services Performed During a Pathfinder Assessment

During the Pathfinder Assessment, experienced DigitalDefence consultants will assess the following:

    • All policies supporting privacy across the organization

    • Contractual provisions supporting security and privacy of client data

    • Physical security of the premises, including the data centre, and technical and operational controls supporting secure and audited access

    • Network documentation and supporting hardware and software inventories

    • Technical network security, including the network architecture, security devices (firewalls, IDS/IPS) and advanced technologies such as VoIP and wireless networking

    • Presence of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in the network by conducting a full-knowledge vulnerability scan

    • Compliance against recognized standards

When the review is completed, DigitalDefence will develop a gap analysis to document the current state of the network versus the ideal, secure state.

Documentation will also include the “go forward” plan with recommendations (including options, costs, personnel requirements, and other considerations) to implement changes and successfully achieve the desired security and privacy state across the organization.

Benefits of the Pathfinder Assessment

Obtain an objective assessment of your current security and privacy state

Demonstrate due diligence and fiduciary responsibility to clients, partners, and employees.

Comply with Federal and industry regulations; meet audit requirements

Gain a significant competitive advantage against less secure organizations

Reduce or eliminate financial and reputational costs of a data breach

Obtain a high-level view of actual security and privacy exposure

Receive a full identification and evaluation of your organization’c critical networks, systems, and data

Verified vulnerability assessment of your network, highlighting areas that must be mediated, and means to do so