Digital Defence is committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with firms who have positioned themselves as trusted advisors in their respective industries. Our partnership programs are designed to train partners in identifying and delivering the most effective security solutions for their clients, provide highly effective sales and marketing support, and implement rewards and incentives for referring our value-added services.

Partners may engage DigitalDefence as a:
  • Service Reseller – Partners may identify client leads for Digital Defence. Once we have engaged the client and delivered the security service, you will receive a referral fee from Digital Defence
  • Complementary Services Partner – Use Digital Defence to fill gaps in your service offerings; demonstrate that you can give your clients the full suite of professional security services
  • White-Label Services Partner – Digital Defence can deliver services to your clients labeled with your branding
Our partners take advantage of lead generation, comprehensive sales training, and pre- and post-sales support, including technical assistance. There are also joint marketing opportunities.

Partnership Benefits

  • New revenue opportunities without the investment or risks associated with developing your own services or solutions
  • Additional revenue from expansion into new geographic areas or market segments
  • Differentiate your current services portfolio with minimal investment and minimal risk
  • Avoid driving your prospects to competing providers through inability to deliver required services
  • Increased customer satisfaction and market retention
  • Allows you to develop and promote your own core services and solutions
  • Add value to your offerings with the support and resources of our technical and marketing staff
  • As a Digital Defence partner, you can meet your client’s requirements for effective data security without the expense, complexity, and risks it would take you to develop and deliver your own services.
Please contact Digital Defence to discuss a potential partnership