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DigitalDefence – we stop breaches

DigitalDefence collaborates with our clients to create appropriate, actionable, and complete solutions to prevent and respond to data security breaches.

Why do our customers choose DigitalDefence?
We are the best at what we do

Security is our only business. Our consultants have the experience and knowledge to drive a consistent solution that is proven to meet the most stringent security objectives, and our security project managers have the experience to understand your business and the most appropriate solution. We strive to build long-term collaborative relationships with our customers, delivering unique proactive security solutions that evolve and adopt to protect you against the threats. When our client’s want the best, they come to the DigitalDefence


At DigitalDefence, business requirements drive the technology of our security solutions – not the other way around. Our consultants have extensive industry experience, and many have MBAs and other financial qualifications in addition to their strong technical expertise


DigitalDefence is dedicated to becoming the knowledge leader of the present environment and future trends in Information Security. We frequently speak on security at public events, and are proud to be a co-founder and sponsor of North America’s largest security user group, TASK ( as well as an advisory member of the SecTor security conference (


Our experience in delivering professional security and privacy across companies of different sizes and verticals allows DigitalDefence to bring significant insight into trends, benchmarks and leading practices to our clients. Our consultants leverage in-depth training and real-world experience to create the best possible security solutions


DigitalDefence recommends solutions without any bias towards product venders; as a privately held corporation with no outside investors, DigitalDefence answers only to our clients


We follow a documented, repeatable methodology that captures industry best practices, our delivery experience, and customer feedback to ensure the delivery of an exceptional service. The methodology-based approach is carefully designed, tested, refined, and deployed and subjected to continuous improvement and quality oversight. All team members use this methodology during every engagement, ensuring that our stringent quality standards for thorough work and detailed documentation requirements are consistently maintained

DigitalDefence collaborates with our clients to create appropriate, actionable, and complete solutions to prevent and respond to data security breaches.

Our Clients

In order to maintain our clients’ privacy and confidentiality, we do not identify individual clients. DigitalDefence can, however, provide the industry sectors that we provide services to and reference clients can be contacted to discuss our services and the deliverables.

Since 2003, DigitalDefence has proudly provided advanced information security solutions and support to our customers. Our deep security knowledge and experience and breadth of offerings has made us the preferred supplier of information security solutions that combine professional and managed services, support and training. We appreciate our sustained success, and we look forward to developing new partnerships with our growing customer base in the coming years.  It is our passion and privilege to continue to develop long-term relationships and secure the data that drives business.